Mark Johnson

    Write for future readers

    Monday 25th May, 2020 - 1 min read

    I’ve just read Most book clubs are doing it wrong, a post on a personal blog that I’d never heard of previously. I only came across it because it appeared on HackerNews.

    After finishing the article, I went to view other posts and I noticed the article I’d just read had been written back in 2017. I scrolled down and saw posts from the late 2000’s, 73 posts in total, each ready and waiting for someone to stumble across them. I realised that when you’re writing, you’re not just writing for today’s readers, you’re writing for those future readers who can discover it years or even decades later.

    The writing you do may not receive significant readership this week, month, or even year; but years later when you’ve forgotten it you might just see it crop up again.

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