Mark Johnson


    2016 - 1 min read

    Crowd at Hopman cup using SMARTVote paddles
    Voting paddles for real-time crowd engagement

    SMARTVote was another project I delivered while working at Hawk-Eye that used cameras around the stadium and computer vision to calculate the votes from each fan in the stadium to allow real-time crowd engagement during the tournament. During breaks in play, fans would be asked questions like “Should Lleyton Hewitt keep playing after this year’s Australian Open?”, as well as given the ability to vote during Hawk-Eye line-call challenges as to whether they thought the ball was in or out.

    I wrote front-end code and trained operators on how to run the system, from multi-camera set-up around the stadium to operation of results being shown to the big screen in the stadium. Over the 7 days it was used by over 100 thousand fans at two tennis tournaments, the Hopman Cup and the Sydney Fast4 Exhibition. Based on the successful launch it went on to be used in the Indian IPL Cricket series.

    Favourite moment: Seeing an empty 15k+ seat stadium with a voting paddle in every seat was quite something. There’s nothing like the excitement of being on-site for a new product launch.

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