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    2020 - 3 min read

    Building my blog - web-dev

    personal - 2019-present

    markwj website

    Live charting - A Clone Hero side project

    personal - 2020

    I was charting Guitar Hero songs but found the process quite slow, so I added the ability for ‘live charting’ where you can play along and have the notes saved to the chart as you play.

    Charting after

    Clone Hero custom charts

    personal - 2020

    Custom songs I created for Clone Hero, a Guitar Hero spin off.

    Partner dashboards

    Microsoft - 2019

    95% of Microsoft’s commercial revenue flows through Partners.

    Building dashboards to give Microsoft Partners insights into incentives they can earn by increasing their customers usage of Microsoft products and services.

    Microsoft logo

    • Presented at partner workshop to pitch idea and get feedback from partners.
    • Built a user research process, interviewing 10 partners in 1-on-1 calls to understand problem space, personas and gather requirements.
    • Built low + high fidelity prototype concepts, worked with design to convert these into the design language and lock on UX for initial release.

    Smart mirror app

    personal - 2019

    When I’m brushing my teeth in the morning I want to check the weather, see what’s on my calendar for today and get a quote to inspire me to start the day right. Instead of buying a Google Home Hub I thought I’d build a web app myself.
    Smart mirror, powered by DarkSky API

    Inspired by Max Braun.

    Office add-in compatibility insights

    Microsoft - 2019

    Some enterprise customers are concerned their Office add-ins may have issues when they upgrade to the latest version of Office.

    I helped build the platform which uses telemetry to compute the compatibility of add-ins and provide these insights to enterprises to help them assess their environment prior to upgrade.

    Microsoft logo

    • Processing 1M+ rows of telemetry daily
    • Insights delivered to thousands of enterprise customers


    Virtual flags broadcast enhancement

    Hawk-Eye – 2016

    Court at Australian Open with virtual flags
    Virtual graphics, broadcast live at the Australian Open

    While working as a software engineer on my placement at Hawk-Eye I developed software for broadcast enhancement that displayed each player’s national flag at the start of each set and went out live on Australian Channel 7 throughout the tournament.

    Highlight: At peak viewership, this broadcast enhancement reached 1.5 million viewers on Australian Channel 7.


    Hawk-Eye – 2016

    Crowd at Hopman cup using SMARTVote paddles
    Voting paddles for real-time crowd engagement

    Another project I delivered at Hawk-Eye that used cameras around the stadium and computer vision to allow real-time crowd engagement during the tournament.

    Favourite moment: Seeing an empty 15k+ seat stadium with a voting paddle in every seat was quite something. There’s nothing like the excitement of being on-site for a new product launch.


    personal - 2016

    Image of instant CV homepage
    Front end of the instantCV website while in beta

    A side project I built to reduce the hassle of creating a CV by pulling data from a user’s LinkedIn profile. Gathered 100+ users during beta with zero marketing spend.

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