Mark Johnson

    Building this site: Part 2 - Server side logic

    Wednesday 20th May, 2020 - 1 min read

    I started adding APIs to the site to populate information such as my recent runs on Strava. I found some of these calls needed to be server side to hide credentials, and I wanted to save these calls to a database as new values only needed to be fetched from the API on a weekly or monthly basis.

    I didn’t understand how to combine the front-end site (which I’d already built) with some server logic. Luckily I came across this article that outlined how to use your own server with Gatsby, ExpressJS and NGINX.

    I followed the article step by step, and before I knew it I had my server code running with forever start server.js, configured with nginx, and with the static site serving up content dynamically from the server.

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