Mark Johnson

    How to read more

    Wednesday 8th April, 2020 - 2 min read

    I’ve enjoyed reading since I was a child, but only in recent years have I started reading significantly more. This is largely thanks to Naval Ravikant’s advice to treat books like magazines and give yourself permission to quit. Naval is often has 10 to 20 books in circulation at a time, his mood dictating what he picks.

    I used to struggle through books and feel bad for not seeing books to completion. This was especially true for highly esteemed titles like “Thinking, Fast and Slow”. But when I allowed myself to give up on books I started reading more than ever, instead of dreading reading because I was stuck on page 200, I’d just pick up a new title until I found something that grabbed me. and Of course, this means that if I flick to the back of my Kindle book list I find tens of books in a pretty sorry state.

    The last pages of my kindle library, where unloved books wait.

    Maybe these books just aren’t for me, or maybe I’ll be ready for them another time. But reading should be a joy, so these books will stay here until the day I feel the urge to read them again.

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