Mark Johnson

    Great products change you

    Saturday 8th June, 2019 - 2 min read

    My Kindle has changed my reading experience. Every time I’m reading a paperback and I come across a word that I don’t know, I instinctively press and hold the page with my finger. Then I remember that it’s a paper book - pressing and holding the page won’t do anything. It’s only on a Kindle that I can press and hold the page and get a definition for the word instantly.

    Getting a definition in a fraction of a second has become second nature for me on the Kindle and it’s something I miss when reading physical books. Pulling out my phone to google a word, something I realise I used to do frequently, now feels archaic. And given the ease of looking up words on Kindle, I find myself wanting to look up words more.

    Kindle lookup

    I still love reading physical books and I don’t think the feeling of a physical book can be replaced. But great products change you. They change your behaviour and your expectations of the world. They change your perception and make you feel a sense of loss when going back to how you previously did things.

    I don’t see my Kindle replacing physical books. But it offers something that I can’t get elsewhere. It’s changed my instincts, and my expectations. I think the Kindle has done something that every great product does - change you.

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