Hey, I’m Mark!

It’s great to have you here!

I was born and raised in the UK, but currently live in Seattle, WA, where I fell in love with everything the mountains have to offer, from backcountry skiing to trail running.

Growing up I loved technology. I uploaded videos on YouTube before it became known as “running a channel”, and after learning about programming in secondary school, went on to study Computer Science at the University of Bath.

I developed a strong technical background as a software engineer, having launched products at the Australian Open. I discovered all the settings I’d built into the software had only complicated the operators jobs, and this sparked my passion for building products that meet people’s needs and my move into product management.

I started off working on data platforms at Microsoft to help IT admins migrate to Microsoft 365, writing SQL to analyze data and building dashboards to measure product improvements.

Then I moved to customer facing UX, first on an IT admin portal, then onto Microsoft Word, serving hundreds of millions of customers with Editor and Copilot, AI and ML features to help people be more productive. As a Senior Product Manager of Microsoft, I gained years of experience in product strategy, roadmaps, user interviews, design, go-to-market strategy and product growth.

Throughout my career I’ve had a passion for learning and making things real. I’ve developed my storytelling skills through writing and illustrations on my personal finance blog, Finance with Mark, and I’ve further my financial expertise through. I continue to explore my passions in the mountains, recently completing AIARE 1 for backcountry skiing, and I’m exploring opportunities to do more in climate tech to ensure nature stays accessible for future generations.

I’ve learned that what most motivates me is build product efficiently with talented teammates that helps people improve their lives.

LinkedIn | markwj@hey.com